Welcome anime club website alpha testers! This is currently the first development build of the website (and probably looks like so). Plenty of changes are coming soon, including a change in website domain [currently https://vpaw.net (owned by Liam beforehand)] so any suggestions to make your club experience would be greatly appreciated.

Volunteers may be required to assist Mr Chapman with administrating anime club in future years, this would include maintaining consistent attendance and good standing with the school, having an agreeable and socially adaptive attitude (to assist any and all members with any requests, questions, or quiries), and preferrably an assisting skill (simply to make sure every club manager brings something useful that others cannot offer).
Other rewards and privelages can be introduced to the managers in the future.
This website has many variable settings that could possibly change with events or even featured anime - Liam will be teaching any volunteer managers how to do this.
More content is expected to be posted here in the future


This is the anime club official website! It's still under heavy development and will hopefully progress as resources become available for members.

The club may run into issues throughout Term 4 2021 due to 2 - 3 club managers expected to leave or lack attendance! Volunteers would be greatly appreciated!